Time is of the essence. For the betterment of your property, encourage owners to vote YES on the Mile Square EID.


Downtown Indianapolis has experienced tremendous growth and activation over the last couple of decades and we are thrilled that you chose to rent or lease a property in the Mile Square.

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You may have received a mailing regarding a proposed Economic Improvement District. Or more likely, it may have been mailed to your property owner. An Economic Improvement District (EID) allow stakeholders in an area to come together, leverage resources, collectively advocate for the future of Downtown and their neighborhood. The EID creates a unified voice and allows influence for the public sector. By providing resources that stakeholders manage, an EID puts greater control of the district in your hands and allows you to leverage even more funds to ensure long term success. With all the development currently happening in Downtown we stand to gain so much. 

We hope that you can help us get this information to your property owner to encourage him/her to sign YES for this incredibly essential funding mechanism for the betterment of your neighborhood. We are working under a tight deadline to implement these enhanced services and the owner’s participation is imperative.